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Extensive tooth loss can affect many aspects of your life, making it hard to do things like eat, speak, and smile. 

The team at White Pine Dental in Herriman​ and Murray, UT, can restore your smile with custom-made dentures

Thanks to advances in restorative dentistry, you have more options than ever when it comes to your dentures.

See How a Partial Denture Fills the Gaps in Your Smile

If you're missing too many teeth for a crown or bridge but not enough teeth for a full denture, there's another option: partial dentures. Our Murray, UT, dentists can craft a partial denture that secures to your remaining natural teeth for additional stability.

Comparing Traditional &
Implant-Supported Dentures

Choosing between dental implants and traditional restorations can be a big decision. The best treatment will depend on your personal needs and goals. Take a look at the main differences between traditional restorations and implant dentistry to learn what you can expect out of treatment at our two Utah practices.

Traditional Dentures  Implant Dentures
Price More affordable and often covered by dental insurance. More expensive upfront, and not usually covered by insurance
Longevity Last between five and 10 years before needing replacement Can last for 15 years or longer
Treatment Time 2-3 weeks 4-6 months
Stability Dental function can be limited without fixed support Offers maximum stability, and full dental function
Care and Maintenance Requires daily care and regular adjustments from the dentist Does not involve special care, and maintains fit over time

How We Ensure Your Care Is As Comfortable As Possible

A Calming Environment

We set the tone for your visit with our welcoming waiting room, complete with free coffee. Patients love how we turn dental visits into a spa-like experience using heated massage chairs, eye compresses, and paraffin hand waxings.

Select Saturday Hours

After spending any amount of time with an incomplete smile, you'll likely want relief as soon as possible. Our dentistry team happily works with your schedule by offering select Saturday appointments every other week.

On-Site Adjustments

Even after your treatment is completed, you can trust us for denture care. We can often complete repairs on site, depending on your case. Even if your denture needs additional work, we'll handle the process for you by sending it out for lab repairs.

We stand out from other dentists across Utah because of our patient-first philosophy — including free consultations. Whether you need traditional dentures or dentures supported by dental implants, you'll be glad you trusted our team. To begin, contact our Murray or Herriman offices or give us a call at


We Make It Easy for Murray Patients To Visit the Dentist


Arleen Mosley

Murray, UT


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I have been a patient of Dr.West just shy of 10yrs, he is an excellent dentist always answers all of my question and does excellent work! Nicole is the best hygienist is the whole world ❤️! The office staff is welcoming, If you are looking for a new dentist, you don’t need to look any further, this is your place.

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cooplynne 16

Murray, UT


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Has been my best dentist by far! Such a kind staff. I feel that they truly care about my care and comfort. They go out of their way to make my experience extraordinary every single time. I have not come across anyone that works here that is not super nice, competent, and great at their job. Won’t go anywhere else again.

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Customizing Your Prosthetic  With High-Quality Materials

The team at White Pine Dental carefully customizes your denture based on your individual needs and preferences. You will be able to choose from several different restorative materials for both the denture base and the prosthetic teeth. ValPlast® is a popular new base material that is thin, flexible, and adaptive to your mouth. We also offer prosthetics in a wide range of natural-looking options, including porcelain and ceramic. 

Don't worry if you are currently undecided about the customizations for your dentures. Our dentists are happy to explain all of your options and answer your questions during a free consultation. Please contact our office in Murray, UT, today to get started. 

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How Does a Typical Denture Timeline Go?

The length of your treatment may vary, depending on if you need supplementary care or if you choose implant-supported dentures. The basic outline goes like this:
Worried about discomfort? We can use dental anesthetic during implant and denture treatment.
Worried about discomfort? We can use dental anesthetic during implant and denture treatment.

Denture Consultation

We'll welcome you to one of our two convenient dental offices in Herriman or Murray, UT. Your dentist will listen to your goals, as well as assess your candidacy using advanced technology.

Dental Scans

To make sure we have the most accurate treatment plan in place, our dentist will capture images of your smile. Many patients also have a tooth or teeth that need removal before dentures — and we can narrow down your needs with precise imaging.

Preparatory Treatments

It's completely normal for dentures patients to need some supplementary care. From placing your implants to performing bone grafts, we'll help you on your path to a healthy new smile.

Temporary Denture

Instead of making you wait for your custom denture, your dentist will likely provide you with a helpful temporary denture.

Lab Creation

Your dentist will send off your precise measurements to a trusted American-based lab. It will take about two to three weeks for them to craft your custom denture.

Final Placement

Next, your dentist will remove your temporary denture. Depending on the type of denture you've chosen, we'll either have you test your traditional denture or we'll attach your denture to your dental implants.

Denture Adjustments

Before you leave, your dentist will make sure you're fully happy with your denture and adjust the fit until it's just right. If this ever changes after your visit, you can visit us for your routine or emergency needs.

Creating an Environment That Murray Patients Truly Love to Visit


Bill Cooper

Murray, UT


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I haven't been to the dentist in years, I was terrified and had anxiety over it! Finally made an appointment at White pine dental It was a good choice they were wonderful and very kind! Non-judgmental and helpful

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Darren Bolander

Murray, UT


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White Pine is the best dentist I've ever gone to. I'm 44 years old, and look forward to my visit every 6 months!

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