Restore Your Jaw with a Bone Graft

If you have lost tissue in your jaw due to tooth loss or trauma, a dental bone graft can rebuild your jaw and give you more choices for restoring your smile. At White Pine Dental in Murray, UT, we provide bone grafting for a range of qualified patients. Our team of skilled dentists can perform grafting procedures at our office, with no need for referrals. For many patients, a dental bone graft can allow them to experience the life-changing benefits of dental implants

When Are Dental Bone Grafts Necessary?

One of the major consequences of tooth loss is jawbone atrophy. Without tooth roots to stimulate the jaw, the body begins to resorb the tissue in those areas. Over time, this process can cause your facial features to sag, making you appear older than you are. 

A bone graft can restore your implant candidacy and improve the strength of your jaw.

Many patients do not realize they have had tissue loss until their doctor tells them they do not qualify for implants. Dental implants rely on jawbone tissue for support. If you have experienced jawbone atrophy, you will likely need a bone graft before we can place your implant posts. 

Dental bone grafts can:

  • Restore your candidacy for dental implants
  • Prevent further tooth loss
  • Maintain the shape of your jaw after an extraction
  • Maintain your facial features 

Is a Graft Right for Me?

The best way to find out if a bone graft can help you is to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. Your doctor will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. We will also take x-rays or other scans to assess the density of your jawbone. Based on this information, your doctor can recommend the right type of graft for your needs. 

bone graft
A bone graft replaces lost tissue, benefitting your appearance and your oral health.

How Grafting Works

There are several different types of bone grafts. The right one for you will depend on the location of your tissue loss as well as how much bone you need to replace. Before beginning, we will provide local anesthesia and sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment. Next, your doctor will use grafting material to rebuild the area of tooth loss. 

Based on your needs, we may perform:

  • Socket preservation: This type of graft is performed after a tooth extraction to prevent deterioration of the tissue and maintain the position of other teeth. 
  • Block bone graft: We typically recommend this graft when a large amount of tissue has been lost. This treatment uses a larger block of grafting material.
  • Sinus lift: For patients whose sinus cavity rests too close to the treatment area for implant placement in the upper jaw, a sinus lift can raise the soft tissues and create space for implants.


It typically takes three to nine months to completely heal from a dental bone graft, depending on which type of graft you received. While swelling and other side effects subside within weeks, it takes longer for the grafted material to become integrated with the jaw. Once you have completely healed from the graft, one of our doctors can perform dental implant placement surgery

Rebuild Your Jaw

Tissue atrophy in your jaw can have serious effects on both your oral health and your ability to receive dental implants. A bone graft can restore your implant candidacy and improve the strength of your jaw. To book a consultation, contact our office online or call (801) 266-3000 today. 


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