Implant-Supported Dentures

implant-supported denturesFor comfort, health, functionality, and aesthetics, the best way to replace a full dental arch is with implant-supported dentures provided by Dr. Daniel West at White Pine Dental Care in Murray, UT. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures allow you to chew and speak without having to worry that your restoration will slip out of place. Meanwhile, because dental implants prevent changes in the shape of the jaw following tooth loss, you can depend on your implant dentures to provide an outstanding fit that never needs adjustment.

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About Dental Implants

Dental implants have been growing in popularity for decades, with more than three million men and women now enjoying the benefits of implant-supported prosthetics. Dental implants provide improved function for dental crowns, bridges and dentures. Roots allow our natural teeth to function properly, and prosthetic teeth also perform much better when attached to roots.

Surgically placed in the jaw bone, dental implants form a stable base for replacement teeth. Implants also halt the natural bone resorption that occurs when teeth are missing from the jaw. Put simply, implant-supported restorations are second only to natural teeth in terms of stability and function.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Denture wearers can benefit tremendously from dental implants placement. Designed to replace a full arch of upper or lower teeth, traditional dentures are notoriously difficult to keep in place. 

Resting upon the gum line, traditional denture appliances must rely on suction and adhesives for security. These dentures commonly slip out of position, and they need regular adjustments because the jaw continues to change shape. 

Implant-supported dentures by Dr. West offer a marked improvement over traditional dentures. Patients experience freedom from slippage, trapped food particles, and other frustrating concerns. In addition to improved function, patients avoid the sunken look that often accompanies loss of bone tissue in the jaws. 

Implant dentures also provide a better overall aesthetic. The new teeth fit snugly along the gum line and look completely natural. In fact, they are virtually undetectable in most cases.

Treatment at White Pine

At White Pine Dental Care, we provide top-quality implant dentures to suit every patient's needs. The process begins with an initial exam to assess your candidacy for dental implants. At your appointment, Dr. West will use digital tools to measure your jaw bone, then make a recommendation for your most efficient, effective path to implant dentures.

If needed, Dr. West can perform bone grafting or sinus lift surgery to prepare patients for dental implants. A bone graft replaces lost tissue, while a sinus lift involves augmenting the upper jaw to prevent the implants from contacting the sinus tissues. However, many patients who lack sufficient jawbone tissue can qualify for an alternative implants procedure. 

Implant-supported dentures offer life-changing benefits to those who need to replace an entire dental arch.

Traditionally, a full dental arch requires placement of six to eight implants, but Dr. West offers a technique that employs fewer implants to secure dentures in place. This method allows patients with a slightly compromised jaw to enjoy the benefits of implant dentures without having to undergo a bone grafting procedure.

After implant surgery, patients receive temporary dentures to use while the gums heal and the implants fuse to the bone. In a few months, you will receive your permanent dentures.

All-on-4® Dental Implants

A revolutionary protocol in implant placement has allowed dentists to use only four implants to secure an upper denture permanently. The all-on-4 technique strategically places implants in a location where they can achieve a firm bond with the jawbone that enables the patient to eat whichever foods they want without fear of slippage, speak with confidence knowing their denture will not slip out of place, and clean them easily and effectively.

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Implant-supported dentures offer life-changing benefits to those who need to replace an entire dental arch. Depending upon your needs, this treatment can also be incorporated into a full mouth reconstruction plan. Contact us online today or call (801) 266-3000 to schedule an appointment. We can assess your candidacy, answer all of your questions, and explain our flexible financing options.


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