Finding the Best Dentist in Murray Utah By White Pine Dental on October 19, 2017

Here is the good news there is no shortage of great dentists in and around Murray. The trick is knowing which one is right for you. 

Finding the “best dentist” is not about who has the most qualifications or most patients or most reviews.  It comes down to determining the dentist that works best for you. There are plenty of people that will share their opinion, but finding the right dentist is up to you. To help, here is a list of things to help you find you Murray dentist.

Basic Questions for Your New Dentist

There are some basic questions to start with. These are some topics that will get you started on finding the right dentist for you.

  • Do they accept your insurance
  • Do they offer flexible payment plans?
  • What is their schedule? - Flexible schedules will make it easier to fit appointments into your busy schedule.
  • Are they available for emergencies? - You don’t realize how important this is until you need it.
  • Where are they located? - Regular appointments are easier when the office is near your home or where you work. In Murray it is a good idea to find an office that is near the main thoroughfares like 5300 S., 700 East, State St. or near the freeway.  This will ensure that the office will either be near your home or on the way to getting where you’re going. 
  • Is the dentist office clean and organized? - An office in disarray is a sign of other issues and possible future poor experiences. 

This covers most of the basics, but there are additional topics to probe your next dentist about.

Is the Dentist Continually Training?

There is more to training as a dentist besides just graduating with a doctorate in dentistry. The best dentists continue their training, learn new techniques and improve their skills. You have the right to ask what they are doing to continue their education.

Check to see if they are using the new approaches to treatments such as the All-on-Four or Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. Dentistry is full of innovation that can improve your dental health, smile and dentist experience. Make sure the dentist you choose invests in their own continuing knowledge.

The best way to verify if the dentist is continuing their training is to ask about new procedures they are adding or adaptations they’ve made to regular services.  You can also look for new equipment in the office. Watch their Facebook account to see if they make mention any training they are attending.

Evaluate the Hygienists 

Aside from the doctor, you will have the most interactions with the hygienists. Most people don’t really think about this when they are trying to find their new dentist, but it should be a consideration.

The hygienist is the first line of defense in your regular dental health inspections. They will help the dentist identify potential issues and can provide you with some great insight on ways to keep your mouth healthy.

There is really only one way to know about the hygienists at an office: schedule an appointment. Most insurances cover regular visits and many dentist offices have first-time patient discounts for those who don’t have insurance. Scheduling an appointment may be the best way to see if the hygienist works for you.

Don’t just Check the Stars, READ the Reviews

We are accustomed now to making purchasing decisions purely based on star ratings. This may work for picking tonight’s restaurant or your next toothbrush, but not for your dentist. Actually reading the reviews will give you some insightful suggestions as to what the dentist’s practice is like.

While reading, watch for subtle hints that could indicate how your experience might turn out. With so many great dentists in Murray, you will probably have the chance to select from multiple dentists with high ratings. The comments will be the key to understanding if the dentist is not just highly rated, but is the best dentist for you.

Making the Right Decision

Don’t just search for the “best dentist in Murray”, find the best dentist for you. In the end that will be a decision that you have to make for yourself. The right decision will improve your smile and become your lifelong oral health care provider.


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